Board of Directors

Nitin Sawant, President – Vice President Franchise with a highly reputed company, he brings his corporate knowledge and project management skills to all of SAWITRI Theatre Group’s projects and works at development.

Medha Date, Secretary – An instrumentation and design engineer by profession, Medha is an Associate at Hatch, a leading engineering company in Mississauga. An outstanding and award-winning student of mathematics and physics, a trained vocalist and an accomplished theatre artist, she attends to every task entrusted to her at SAWITRI with the same passion and precision as her engineering projects.

Keyoor Shah, Treasurer – Business Analyst at Randa Accessories, Canada, the largest accessories company in North America. He brings his event management experience and technical expertise of over 17 years to assist SAWITRI Theatre Group with its technical requirements, especially sound.

Naimesh Nanavaty, Director-at-large – With a background in law, Naimesh is a legal assistant at Abby Vimal Law office. He is also a writer and actor and has worked for several years as an arts manager with the Menaka Thakkar Dance Company, as well as Kalanidhi Fine Arts, both well-known Toronto arts organizations. He brings his arts management skills to advise on SAWITRI Theatre Group’s budgets and other matters.

Lincoln D’Souza, Director-at-large – Senior Manager, Chemicals Technology Division, is an award-winning manager who brings his corporate experience and tremendous passion and commitment to SAWITRI Theatre to assist with marketing and development. He is a patron of performing and media arts and is happy to be able to contribute to SAWITRI’s growth.

Vatsla Dubey, Director-at-large – Marketing Manager with Rochester Midland Limited in Burlington, Ontario. She is a theatre enthusiast who wants to rekindle her interest in the dramatic arts. She brings to the team her ample experience in marketing, sales, project management and corporate communications. Vatsla is keenly interested in women’s and children’s issues and brings a unique international perspective to these matters having lived and worked in diverse cultures and countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Honk Kong and Canada.