Case #99

Sid Sawant and Raina Desai
Sid Sawant and Raina Desai
Seth Mohan
Seth Mohan

May 5th to May 14th 2016

At Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Case #99 explores human ingenuity driven by greed; the actions and consequences of avarice. A young man dies – Accident or homicide? Is his attractive widow hiding something? Investigating officer, Inspector Ramesh Sawant, is on his 99th case! He is known to get his man! How difficult can this case be? But things are never what they seem to be. Set in Mumbai, India, before the invasion of cell phones, this whodunit comes with an engaging twist.
Translated into English by Jasmine Sawant from the original award-winning play in Marathi by Yogesh Soman, this play premieres in Toronto, following its World Premiere in 2015. Case #99 features three young Toronto-based Canadian actors of Indian origin who evoke a Mumbai before the invasion of cellular phones, a hustling-bustling Mumbai that embraces long train commutes, its inevitable host of beggars and peddlars, its street foods that tempt with appetizing aromas and its grime and crime, and cops and criminals, all driven by a burning desire to make it big, walking that fine line between greed and ambition.
Audience warning – gunshot sound



SAWITRI Theatre Group presents Yogesh Soman’s Case #99 – two act play in English.

Translated by Jasmine Sawant
Director: Christina Collins
Producer: Nitin Sawant
Dramaturge: Prakash Date
Original Production Design: Joseph Pagnan
Music & Sound Design: Dusty Starr
Costumes: Shruti Shah.

Sid Sawant as Satyasheel
Raina Desai as Madhuri
Seth Mohan as Inspector Ramesh Sawant.