Theatre Group Mississauga


SAWITRI Theatre Group is an award-wining, incorporated not-for-profit theatre organization, based in Mississauga. Its mission is to educate, inform, entertain and heal through the arts, especially theatre. Presenting original, challenging and exciting works of established as well as emerging artists, SAWITRI Theatre Group is known to take risks, bringing unique theatre experiences every year to its audiences. SAWITRI Theatre Group collaborates with other artists and arts organizations to work in community-engaged arts projects and other arts events. SAWITRI’s projects are usually women-centric or youth focused and explore issues surrounding identity, relationships, self-image and self-esteem, mental health, abuse, loneliness, etc.

Founded on 11th January 2003 and led by professional artists from India, SAWITRI Theatre Group started out as a project-based theatre group in 2003. As recognition for SAWITRI’S works grew, the company organically grew to operating year-round.

Winner of the 2016 Martys (The Mississauga Arts Awards) in the Best Established Theatre Group category, SAWITRI Theatre Group is the only group in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that presents Canadian productions of South Asian theatre in the many languages of India – English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati – to name just a few.

SAWITRI Theatre Group was envisioned by Jasmine Sawant who is originally from Mumbai, formerly Bombay, India. Inspired by her passion for theatre, evident since her early days, and her theatre experiences at her favourite venue, the Prithvi Theatre – a unique theatre space that fosters an intimate and compelling relationship between actor and audience, very similar to Indian folk theatre – Jasmine set to work establishing SAWITRI Theatre Group with the help of family, friends and other like-minded people from the community.

SAWITRI Theatre Group is supported by a 9-member Board that brings corporate and creative expertise to guide SAWITRI through its next phase of growth.