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Review by Mayank Bhatt on Generally About Books – October 31, 2015 at 15:30
“Controlled performance on stage is never easy, and even when an actor achieves it, the audience seldom, if at all, realizes the tremendous effort that goes into underplaying a role. Such expertise and ease comes with age and experience. A veteran thespian can be expected to pull it off quite effortlessly, but when callow actors do that, it is surprising, and refreshing. Of the many surprises that Case # 99 periodically sprung on the audience the Saturday evening I saw the play at Sampradaya earlier this month, the biggest and the most pleasant was the virtuoso performances by the three young actors who performed the only roles in the play. Their performances were so taut that there wasn’t a step was out of place, or an emotion that was excessive or unnecessary.”

Review by Mayank Bhatt on Generally About Books – September 28, 2013 at 16:33
“Sawitri’s actors lived the characters. The performances were uniformly superior…What makes the production memorable is the nuanced understanding of each character and the motivation that each of them have to do what they do, leading to a tragic climax. The minimalist stage design, depending more on the lighting, enabled the audience to directly connect with the characters on the stage, and moreover, enabled for a smoother flow of the narrative.”

Review by Shagorika Easwar for Desi News – Volume 17 Issue 1 January 2013
“Sawitri..bringing meaningful, accessible theatre that resonates with its audiences…..Theatre as good as this deserves our committed support.”

Anindo Hazra on FB, PhD Candidate, YorkUniversity – Jan 14, 2013 at 6:14pm
“Thanks …Sawitri for a wonderful production……Kudos to Pagnan, a young talent who will, no doubt, continue to flourish, and the Sawitri Theatre Group for reviving an early work by Dattani.”

Anindita Kumar on FB – December 19, 2012 at 3:29pm (Audience Member)
“Hey Jasmine amazing performance by all of you. It was very well directed and I loved the set design and use of space. Congratulations to the cast and crew.”

Review by Bhaswaati Ghosh for MyBindi online – 2012
“sawitri’s cast of actors does justice to all the different characters….one has to commend director, Christina Collins, who dealt with the subject matter deftly….Equally noteworthy is the work of set and lighting designer, Joe Pagnan…clever and effective.”