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All the World’s a Stage..And theatre – one of the finest lessons of life!

Studies that list the benefits of theatre and performance arts exist in abundance. The positive applications of indulging in performance arts are manifold- physical, emotional & social well being, cultural and community development etc.

Listed below are 4 of the top benefits as stated by those who participated in our latest theatre workshop which ran for 8 weeks this spring.

1) Self- Confidence: Dig deep within yourself and find the truth.
Walking into a room full of strangers on the first day of theatre workshop can be a bit unnerving in itself. Soon the improv sessions begin and that’s where the real test begins. Improv sessions compel participants to think outside the box. When performers see their ideas and quick thinking materialize to impress an audience, it builds their confidence levels.

2) Public Speaking & Stage Fright: Eliminate inhibition in terms of public speaking and performance. Improved self-confidence reduces stage fright by default, however, drama and theatre workshops teach vocal projection, articulation, expression, intonation and many other aspects of speech. Equipped with this knowledge, students perform better in public.

3) Communication & Co-operation: Connecting with others through emotions, energy and intention. Most performance arts productions are a team effort. Theatre is much the same with each production involving many team members. For a play to be successful every member of the team needs to develop listening and observation skills. Various aspects such as lighting, sound, acting etc. rely on cues from other team members. These cues are verbal or non-verbal. This involves conveying and receiving not just the message but also the intention, thus developing key listening & observation skills necessary for all aspects of work and personal life.

4) Fun, Fun, Fun: Exhilarating high of having found a hidden part of yourself. Theatre workshops require intense work, but they also help reveal hidden talents, skills, thought processes and pockets of one’s personality that may not be apparent on a daily basis. Drama involves various moods including humour and laughter. Elements of play are also evident especially in the improv sessions and working with others. This improves emotional wellbeing and reduces stress. Drama and theatre also bring a safe space where varying emotions can be expressed and a study of the expression can be done to understand one’s own personality better.

So whether you’re an aspiring theatre / film professional, looking to improve your communication and public speaking skills, want to ace that next interview or you just want to further develop your impressive personality, theatre workshops are a fun and safe place to start. Our next series of workshop sessions will be conducted this Fall. Stay tuned for announcements.

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