Auditions for SAVITA WEDS SATISH! Looking for strong, professional actors!!!

SAVITA WEDS SATISH – English play by award-winning playwright Jasmine Sawant; creative input by Adam Langton, based on the original script by Janice Goveas that was based on the story by Shobha Hatte and Jasmine Sawant.

Director: Siddhant (Sid) Sawant             Assistant Director: Raina Desai
Producer: Nitin Sawant

Auditions in Toronto: Fri 28th Sep 2018 – 3 pm to 8 pm
Auditions in Mississauga: Sat 29th Sep 2018 – 12-30 pm to 4 pm

Synopsis – Savita is set to wed Satish with all the attendant ceremonies and rituals of a traditional Hindu wedding. She has raised her daughter to be a very successful and independent young womxn. Her duty done, she wants to focus on her own happiness. Some of her extended family members, don’t exactly agree. However, they arrive, not wanting to miss a family wedding.  Who is Satish? They are eagerly waiting to meet him. Will they accept Savita’s choice? Especially once they know who Satish is?

Cast Breakdown – Dancing/movement skills required for all characters – Bollywood and contemporary. Savita, Satish and Seema will have duets and solos.

SAVITA: A woman in her 40’s. Successful career as a designer, has her own design studio in Mississauga.

MEENA Aunty: SAVITA’s aunt (her father’s sister). A bitter, sharp-tongued woman in her early 70’s. Flew in from Vancouver for the wedding. Though she’s RICHA & ROHIT’S aunt, she wants them to call her Nana.

MADHURI Aunty: MEENA Aunty’s younger sister, so SAVITA’s second aunt. A kind-hearted, sweet-tempered woman in her 50’s. She’s RICHA, ROHIT & ANJALI’s mom. She flew in from Winnipeg with the twins for the wedding, recently widowed.

MAHESH Uncle: A laid-back, good-natured, wysiwyg kind of man, in his mid-60’s. He has done well for himself as a provincial court judge in Calgary. Recently retired, a widower, no kids. He’s SAVITA’s uncle and MEENA & MADHURI’s brother.

RICHA: An adolescent girl who follows video-culture like her brother ROHIT.

ROHIT: An adolescent boy who imitates video-culture norms like his sister RICHA.

PINKY: A stylish woman in her 40’s. She’s a henna artist among other things. Lives in Cabbagetown, Toronto.

SEEMA: SAVITA’s daughter. In her late 20’s she’s a career woman working in finance in Singapore. She’s well-dressed, articulate and well-organized. She’s Type A and yet she is drawn towards the traditions of her culture and enjoys them.

ANJALI: A sarcastic woman in her late 20’s, she’s MADHURI Aunty’s eldest daughter, a fashion designer living in New York. She’s SAVITA’s cousin and SEEMA’s aunt, but hates Seema calling her ‘auntyji’.

Rehearsals – From 1st October to 14th November 2018 as per schedule.

 Performances – From Thu 15th November to Saturday 24th November 2018 as per schedule.

 Rehearsals and Performances will take place in Mississauga.

To Apply: Email headshot and resume to jasmine@sawitri.ca clearly stating the role applied for in the subject line and the preferred audition date – 28th or 29th Sep 2018.

Paid opportunity. Non-union rates apply. No phone calls please!

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