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Vision Statement

SAWITRI Theatre Group’s mission is to educate, inform, entertain and heal through the arts, especially theatre.


SAWITRI’s projects are usually women-centric or youth focused and explore issues surrounding identity, relationships, self-image and self-esteem, mental health, abuse, freedom of choice, loneliness, etc.


SAWITRI Theatre Group works to present insightful stories through the arts, to transform the way South Asian society perceives the role of women, to understand and value cultural differences and other diversities, bringing to the community works reflective of these differences and help build a global community based on shared values and collective narratives.


The Company was incorporated for the following main purposes:

  • To establish an organization that is respectful of , and inclusive to all cultures.

  • To research, produce and present South Asian works that focus on women-centric or new generation stories through the arts, especially theatre.

  • To work towards bringing about a change in the way society perceives the role women.

  • To work in conjunction with social service agencies and settlement workers across all geographic borders to provide education and outreach through the arts, especially on issues of domestic violence, mental health, etc.

  • To provide a platform for all talent – emerging, mid-career or established.

  • To bring together women and other persons interested in the arts and arts-related subjects to foster an understanding of the importance of the arts.

  • To establish, promote and support a creative hub of activities that encourage artistic and creative activities connected with the arts.