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Media Release

SAWITRI Theatre Group set to launch The Mississauga Multilingual Fringe Festival (MMFF) in August 2021 at the Sampradaya Theatre in Mississauga, Ontario.

A first for SAWITRI Theatre Group, this festival is a part of the North American fringe family. Inspired by the great fringe festival of Edinburgh, and the Toronto Fringe Festival closer to home, this will be the first multilingual fringe festival in Canada focused on the many languages of India – Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and English too.

“We are beyond thrilled to have the Mississauga Multilingual Fringe Festival (MMFF) join the over 30 festivals of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF). Although they were delayed in launching their very first festival, we have great confidence in Jasmine and her team in what they will achieve, and know that they will provide wonderful opportunities for artists in Mississauga and beyond. We are so looking forward to their debut in 2021!”, said Lucy Eveleigh, Executive Director of Toronto Fringe Festival and President of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals.

“I want to congratulate SAWITRI for creating Canada’s first ever multi-lingual fringe festival in Mississauga. This will be an exciting addition to our 2021 events calendar and another great example of the innovative projects being developed by Mississauga’s arts and culture sector”, said Paul Damaso, the Director of Arts & Culture and CEO, Living Arts Centre, City of Mississauga.

Founder and Artistic Director of Sampradaya Dance Creations, Lata Pada, said, “I’m very excited to have SAWITRI Theatre Group launch the Mississauga Multilingual Fringe Festival at Sampradaya Theatre. It has been home to SAWITRI’s annual productions and we look forward to the first Fringe Festival arriving here in August 2021. The Sampradaya Theatre was envisioned as a creative hub for South Asian arts and it is very heart-warming to see our vision taking shape in such meaningful ways and serving the community”

Jasmine Sawant, Co-Founder and Artistic Co-Director of SAWITRI Theatre Group, said, “we are very excited to be launching this festival, even while we are still figuring out the new “normal” in a post-pandemic lockdown recovery phase. We hope in time it becomes a destination of choice for artists and audiences from across Canada, the USA and the globe, including countries comprising South Asia – India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh and Sri Lanka.”

Shruti Shah, the Artistic Co-Director added, “The MMFF has been a dream of ours. It’s wonderful to see our dream coming true in August 2021. We are grateful for the support of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF) and especially of Michele Gallant, Calgary Fringe.”

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